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Why Eye Events? Because we keep an 👁 on each aspect of your event to make sure you have the best experience.

EyEvents is a modern event agency where we combine the Agile way of working with lots of creativity. We organize corporate & private events in Barcelona and outside.


We believe that the client should have the easiest choice and receive the best service. This is why we created the system "The Eye" which allows to simply guide you through your choice. For "The Eye" you do not need to know any details beforehand, although if you do, we will take all your wishes into consideration and help you with further flow.

We create emotions, you save time.


CEO & General Manager


Expert in Communications and Culture


Live music professional


We keep an eye on the environment too

Eye Events is deeply committed to the environment, and we strive to make every event as eco-friendly as possible. We understand the importance of reducing waste, and through our efforts, we aim to minimize our environmental impact while providing a memorable and sustainable experience for all attendees and stakeholders.

Environmental note

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